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The Atlantic published an article in mid-May written by Tracy Brown Hamilton, an American journalist, about Books for Refugees and the research and thinking behind the project.

You can donate by going to the HOME page. There is a DONATE button  that will take you right to the donation site. There is also additional information about the project.


Our Pilot

Because of the generosity and kindness of a University Missouri (MU) professor, a media specialist, 5th graders, and an MU student, we were able to pilot our first book drive to send to refugee facilities in Holland. Read all about it below. (We apologize for any errors or inaccuracies present in the article.)

You can be a change agent. Want to be part of the initiative? Just click on the HOME page to learn how you can donate money to send books to refugee children. We believe that education helps people make better choices.

*********** TED is talking about the refugee crisis.**************

Please set aside 15 minutes to hear a first hand account. It will change your life.