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The Books for Refugees project began as a very small project in early 2016, but it has become more extensive, thanks to the donations from many generous people throughout the world.

This is how it works:

  1. Your donation goes into a special fund exclusively for the Books for Refugees project. Every dollar of the donations goes to the project. There are no overhead costs.
  2. Humanitarian groups throughout the United States and Europe contact me about the projects they are doing that are related to the education of the refugee children. I also reach out to people who are doing projects and who are volunteering in camp schools.
  3.  I order high quality Arabic children’s books and have them sent directly to the facilities or to friends who volunteer to deliver the books to the facilities.
  4. The volunteers send photos of the children with the books.


It is an extremely simple process, streamlined to ensure that books get into the hands of refugee children as quickly as possible.

Small donations of $5 are welcome and appreciated! Five dollars will  purchase a book for a refugee.

Parents: Can you imagine not having some books to read to your children? Imagine if your children went to school and there were no books to read? Books are desperately needed and desired by refugee families and volunteer teachers. It ONLY takes a minute. You will feel great knowing you have contributed to a child’s academic and emotional health.

Please donate by clicking on the DONATE button above.

 Thank you for your generosity. Every book makes a difference.

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One book. One child. One future.


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