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Books for Syrian Refugee Children

Because of this successful pilot by  our friends from Missouri, we are expanding our outreach. We are sending many more books to the Netherlands, and we have streamlined the process to help others help us.

Unlike procedures for giving donations to large charitable organizations where only a percentage of the donations go to the cause, this process allows you to take complete control of the donation without any benefit going to Sage Literacy Consulting (except, of course, knowing that children are getting books written in their mother tongue). Just keep your receipts to file with your taxes.

Want to help? It’s fast and easy.

  1. You can donate money. Click here to make a donation through paypal. You do not need a paypal account.


2. Make a direct book purchase through

  1. Create an account (if you don’t already have one.)
  2. Log onto this link. It takes you right to the site and to the suggested Arabic Children’s books.
  4. Purchase one or more books. British pounds will convert to dollars in the check-out process.
  5. Type in the information below for Amazon to send the books.
  • New address being updated

Please send us an email: [email protected] to let us know that you have sent books. On behalf of the Syrian refugee children and families: THANK YOU SO MUCH!